Suss Milano recognises the environmental crises that have affected the Planet and believes that we have an important role to play in both preserving and restoring them. 

We believe that together we can reverse this situation and that being sustainable is the only way to co-operate in favour of the future of the planet and all its species.

Forest Stewardship Council

The FSC certificate means that a certain area of forest is being respected by preserving its biodiversity and creating safe and dignified jobs for the local inhabitants. This certificate applies to all products that we can obtain from nature.

Sustainable fabrics

We are proud to use RWS and GRS certified sustainable wool.

As for Gots Cotton and Lenzing Viscose.


Our main goal is for all our fabrics to be sustainable by 2025.

Our mission is to leave a green and ecological footprint in the world, actively and consciously contributing to environmental well-being, the preservation of forests, the reduction of CO2 emissions and a better atmosphere both for present and future generations.
Join us in this cause by making better choices every day.